We understand that every organization faces unique security challenges, which is why we devote extensive time and resources toward understanding each customer’s specific needs. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s security protocols, with the end result being a customized security program that is effective, adaptable, and a “value-add” solution. Upon thoroughly understanding a customer’s needs, challenges, current security, goals, and budget we will customize a strategic security plan for you. These strategic plans detail proposed solutions including staffing needs and equipment recommendations.

Upon approval of the security solution, a management team is hand-picked from managers with extensive backgrounds in high-level security positions. They bring established relationships with the local law enforcement community and adjust priorities to specific and evolving customer needs. The management team then selects a staff of security officers and operational personnel that meet our rigorous employment requirements. Prosegur Services Group recognizes that security plans must be dependable and flexible, which is why feedback and ongoing communication with customers is so crucial.