Prosegur Services Group (PSG) provides man guarding services to various industries and customers, which acts as a visible deterrent helping to reduce theft, vandalism, and ensuring customer safety and peace of mind. Our security officers, whether on foot, bicycle, or roving vehicle, are trained to spot 'out of the ordinary' disturbances, which in many cases will proactively prevent problems before they occur.

Key Markets Served

  • Office Complexes - Technology Campus
  • Multi-Family Residential - Gated Communities
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Public School Systems / University Market
  • Hospitals
  • Other Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety Routes

As a national security services provider for the commercial, industrial, residential, retail, education, financial, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, federal, state, and local government marketplaces, PSG has developed strategic purchasing relationships with industry-leading security technology providers. This enables our customers to obtain leveraged economies of scale, and make purchases from a single-source, full-solutions security provider.

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Guards
  • Aviation Services
  • Employee/X-ray Screening
  • Video Surveillance - Monitoring
  • Access Control - Visitor Management
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Guard Tour GPS Systems