We measure our success by the long-term relationships we build with our employees.

With so much at risk on a daily basis, employing the most skilled, professional, and dedicated individuals is a top priority for Prosegur Services Group (PSG). To ensure this priority, PSG has a significant screening process in place for all hires. The screening process allows us to ensure customer satisfaction and to build upon PSG's long-standing proven track record.

PSG will utilize our standardized hiring process - from recruitment to deployment - assuring that all personnel assigned to the Contract are properly and uniformly qualified. The process proceeds in four distinct components/stages:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Interview & Screening
  3. Orientation and Training
  4. Uniform and Equipment Provisioning

All permanent positions within PSG will be filled through this competitive process and each candidate for employment, including incumbent security officers, shall be required to successfully pass each stage of the procedure prior to active assignment to a post.